Yangon City

Some Information about Yangon City and some historical facts.

Geographical Location

Location Yangon on satellite image Rangoon lies in the south of the country on the eastern edge of Irrawaddydeltas near the Gulf of Martaban, an estuary of the Andaman Sea, an average of 15 meters above sea level. Boroughs

Rangoon is divided into four districts and 32 neighborhoods:

Western District (downtown): Ahlone Township, Bahan Township, Dagon Township, Kyauktada Township, Kyeemyintdine Township, Lanmadaw Township, Latha Township, Pabedan Township, Sanchaung Township and Township Seikkan Eastern District: Dagon Seikkan Township, East Dagon Township, North Dagon Township, North Okkalapa Township, South Dagon Township, South Okkalapa Township, Thingangyun Township and Township Botahtaung Northern District: Hlaing Township, Hlaingthaya Township, Insein Township, Kamayut Township, Maya Gone Township, Mingaladone Township, Pazundaung Township and Township Shwepyitha Southern District: Dala Township, Dawbon Township, Mingalataungnyunt Township, Thaketa Township, Tamwe Township, Yankin Township and Seikkyi Kanaungto Township

Historical summary

The Port of national capital, about 1895 Cityscape of downtown, 1945 Protests in national capital in 2007

Until 1755 town was referred to as Dagon and belonged to the realm of Mon. Its origins go back to the fifth Century v. Chr. Back. when submission of all the cities of the Mon by the Burmese king Alaungphaya this arose the city in 1755 the capital of the Burmese kingdom. He renamed it in national capital, suggests that|which suggests|which implies} "the finish of the dispute" means. In 1824, national capital was conquered by nice Britain, that ceded its claim to power 2 years later. town developed from the late nineteenth century into a contemporary community, when it had come back underneath British rule once more when the Second Anglo-Burmese War in 1852. In 1930, national capital was mostly destroyed by associate degree earthquake and succeeding tidal wave. On March 8, 1942, town was occupied throughout the Second warfare by the japanese army. once Asian nation gained independence in 1948 from Britain, was the country's capital national capital. From 1954 to 1956, the sixth Buddhist Council of the Theravada tradition was command in national capital.

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On Oct nine, nineteen83 died in a very bomb attack within the north of national capital 19 individuals, together with four cupboard ministers from South Korea. within the dead it absolutely was Kim Jae Ik Suh Joon Sook, Otto Hahn Pyong Choon Lee Bum Suk and minister. in step with studies North Korea was formally suspect of getting committed the attack. On August eight, 1988 culminated months of unrest (8888 uprising), due to the economic policies of the military light-emitting diode by General Ne Win within the violent suppression of protests in national capital with many thousand dead. a brand new military regime underneath General Saw Maung became established as a State for the restoration of law and order (SLORC). In 1989, a people colonial name national capital (Rangoon) was modified back to national capital.

In 1990, in democratic elections, the opposition National League for Democracy (NLD) won a landslide triumph, the elections were declared invalid by the military regime, and it came to national capital to a bloody suppression of peaceful student protests. The regime remained in power. On seven Nov 2005 info Minister Kyaw Hsan General proclaimed that has begun on the previous day to maneuver all ministries and alternative government agencies from national capital to Pyinmana, and Pyinmana so from Gregorian calendar month 2005, the new seat of state would be. In August 2007, protest rallies in national capital were fashioned, at first light-emitting diode by Buddhist monks and nuns, that shortly joined civilians. On Sep twenty four, over a hundred,000 demonstrators have already been counted. The military leadership not at first a distinction to the past, step, however on Sep twenty five, she began to require action against the demonstrators. in step with official figures 10 individuals were killed, together with a Japanese journalist. Unofficial observers spoke of up to two hundred dead. many hundred individuals were abraded. troopers stormed various monasteries in national capital. moreover, opposition politicians were inactive throughout the country. Overall, there ought to are many arrests. the junta finally Four days later, the revolt as battered and complete.